Euroopan 30 parasta kiertotalousyritystä torjuvat luonnon monimuotoisuuden vähenemistä - FabPatch Oy mukana listauksessa

Europe's Top 30 Circular Economy Companies Combat Biodiversity Loss - FabPatch Oy Featured on the List

Europe's leading 30 circular economy companies will be showcased at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 in Brussels. The company list presented by Sitra illustrates how these companies address the challenges of biodiversity loss and create new business opportunities. Alongside this, Sitra will publish a handbook guiding businesses in developing circular economy models to achieve nature conservation goals. Read more

Prinsessa Pikkiriikki nyt elokuvateattereissa

Win movie tickets!

"Ei kaikkia aikuisten sääntöjä voi totella. Se on vaan mahdotonta." Näin toteaa Prinsessa Pikkiriikki uunituoreessa elokuvassa, jonka yhteistyökumppanina meillä on ilo toimia. Ennakkonäytöksen perusteella haluamme lämpimästi suositella elokuvaa kaikille yli kolmivuotiaille vanhempineen. Lue lisää!

Meillä on paikka sinulle, joka saat sisällön syttymään!

We have an open position for a content producer!

Yhdistyykö sinussa luovuus, kokonaisvaltainen ote sisällöntuotantoon ja innostus uusiin koukuttaviin, konsepteihin? Ovatko korjaaminen ja vastuullinen kuluttaminen lähellä sydäntäsi? Onhan sinulla pilkettä silmäkulmassa? Meillä myös hullut ideat ovat tervetulleita. Lue lisää!

Ylpeänä esittelemme: Uusi logomme!

Introducing our new logo!

The logomark features a variery of existing and fresh patch shapes stacked on top of each other. Crafted by the talented team at Kuudes Helsinki, led by Tony Eräpuro and Matti Lehto, this logo signals a broader renewal. It embodies our dedication to quality, innovation, and authenticity, paving the way for a globally competitive brand. Read more!

Meillä on harjoittelijoille paikkoja auki!

We have internship positions available!

Are you on the lookout for an internship that combines learning with fun and creativity? Look no further! FabPatch Ltd, a leading textile repair company, is offering exciting internship positions for students like you. Whether you're studying marketing, media, business, communication, production, material technology, languages, or any related field, there's a place for you here. Our offices in Oulu at Rotuaari and in Helsinki at Kamppi are brimming with opportunities for growth and development. 

Joutsen Vaatelaastari® kevytuntuvatakeille

Joutsen FabPatch™ for lightweight down jackets

Our brand collaboration with Joutsen continues with the introduction of the new FabPatch™ product! In the winter adventures, your beloved go-to jacket may encounter unexpected injuries. Joutsen FabPatch™ for lightweight down jackets provides an easy and discreet way to mend the burns from sparks and conceal stubborn stains.

FabPatch Oy ja SISKO Ltd. tekevät korjausbisnestä kahdella mantereella

FabPatch Ltd. and SISKO Ltd. announces Repair Business co-operation between Finland and Australia

While traveling in Finland in 2022, and needing to repair a wear in pants, Australian Sophie discovered FabPatch™, the perfect solution to repairing textiles on the go. With FabPatch™ having exceeded her expectations under the rigors of travel and constant wear, Sophie showed her sister and best friend Megan Dyring her exciting discovery.

Saammeko esitellä: Merino Vaatelaastari®

Introducing: Merino FabPatch™

Our online store has been enriched with an anticipated new addition! The Merino package includes four soft and fluffy patches made from merino wool fabric, suitable for versatile repairs on clothing and accessories. Extend the lifespan of your merino wool base layers and sportswear with these rub-on patches.

Uusi vuosi ja uudet paikat!

New FabPatch™ products!

We have added two playful novelty products to our online store: Kruunu and Salama. The products are available in a limited pre-release batch exclusively from online store and from Prisma stores until the end of January. The products are familiar from the upcoming premiere of the Prinsessa Pikkiriikki movie, scheduled for Easter 2024.

World Vision Vaatelaastari FabPatch

World Vision FabPatch™

Finnish World Vision celebrates its 40th anniversary this year as a defender of children's rights. With joy, FabPatch is pleased to announce the special anniversary product created in collaboration with Finlayson – the World Vision FabPatch™!

Uuden verkkosivun paikka!

New website!

We have launched a new and improved website! We are still developing the site and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions at

Paikkaamisen vallankumouksen uusi vetäjä

The new head of Repair Revolution!

The CEO position of FabPatch Ltd has transitioned from Jetta Liukkonen to Taija Sailio as of November 1st, 2023. Taija Sailio, like Liukkonen, is also one of the company's founders. Jetta Liukkonen will continue her role on the company's board and as the Chief Development Officer. Read more in the official announcement.

Vastuullisuusraporttimme on julkaistu!

Our sustainability report has been released!

We have published our first sustainability report, detailing aspects such as our product design, production, and operational practices. You can explore the report from our website.

Lisää jälleenmyyjiä

More retailers

FabPatch™ products are now available in the selections of Prisma and Citymarket stores, as well as smaller grocery stores nationwide. Explore our distributors from our website!

Vuoden designteko 2022!

Design Deed of the Year 2022!

FabPatch Ltd. was awarded the Design Deed of the Year 2022. We express our gratitude for the recognition! The Design Deed of the Year award is granted to a Finnish company in which design plays a significant role in its business. Other award criteria include sustainability, practicality in everyday life, and originality.

Yhteistyö Haglöfsin kanssa

Collaboration with Haglöfs

We were part of Haglöfs' #ROChands campaign in June 2023! The competition offered a chance to win a unique ROC Sloper Bag. For more details about the campaign, check @haglofs on Instagram.