Paikkaamisen vallankumouksen uusi vetäjä

The new head of Repair Revolution!

The leadership of FabPatch Ltd has undergone a change, with Taija Sailio taking over as CEO from Jetta Liukkonen, starting November 1st, 2023. Jetta Liukkonen, one of the company's founders, will continue to serve on the board and take on the role of Chief Development Officer. Read more in the press release.

Jetta Liukkonen has held the position of CEO at FabPatch Ltd for its first five years. Under Liukkonen's leadership in spring 2023, the company experienced significant growth, attracting a group of investors to support its expansion. The company also embarked on an internationalization journey, boosted by Business Finland's NIY (Young Innovative Companies) project from August 1st, 2023.

Sailio previously served as the design and operational director at FabPatch Ltd. "Circular economy companies have evolved from the margins to become significant business partners during our operational years, and they are now at the center of EU strategies. It has been an honor to contribute to genuine circular economy actions both within our company and alongside our brand partners. Taking on the role of CEO is a joy at the threshold of well-prepared growth," says Sailio.