Prinsessa Pikkiriikki nyt elokuvateattereissa

Princess Pikkiriikki movie now in theaters

"Not all adult rules can be obeyed. It's just impossible," declares Princess Pikkiriikki in the brand new movie, in which we are delighted to be a partner.

Based on the preview, we warmly recommend the movie to everyone over three years old, along with their parents. For fans of Princess Pikkiriikki movie, we also recommend our new releases: Kruunu and Salama. These products are available not only on our online store but also from selected retailers:

  • Selected Jesper Junior stores
  • Selected Prisma stores
  • All Suomalainen Kirjakauppa stores nationwide (Kruunu FabPatch™)
  • Kuopus
  • Eijan Kangas ja Leikkuu
  • Second hand IHANA kirppis

You can find the contact information for our retailers here.

This captivating and bold movie will be shown in cinemas starting from March 27, 2024. You can buy movie tickets here.

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PS. However, one adult rule should still be followed: FabPatch™ sticks best when you refrain from touching the adhesive surface while attaching.