Euroopan 30 parasta kiertotalousyritystä torjuvat luonnon monimuotoisuuden vähenemistä - FabPatch Oy mukana listauksessa

Europe's Top 30 Circular Economy Companies Combat Biodiversity Loss - FabPatch Oy Featured on the List

Europe's leading 30 circular economy companies will be showcased at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 in Brussels. The company list presented by Sitra illustrates how these companies address the challenges of biodiversity loss and create new business opportunities. Alongside this, Sitra will publish a handbook guiding businesses in developing circular economy models to achieve nature conservation goals.

“With circular solutions, businesses can take action for nature. Many of the solutions can be implemented right away, so there’s no need to wait,” says Riku Sinervo, Senior Lead of Sustainability solutions in Sitra.

The companies on the list represent sectors crucial for nature conservation, such as food and agriculture, construction, textile industry, and forestry. They have been selected based on their innovative circular economy models and potential for nature conservation.

Circular economy reduces the pressure on nature and helps businesses manage risks and create new value using less resource-intensive methods.

Further information and the complete list will be available at Sitra and during the World Circular Economy Forum event in Brussels from April 15-18.