Vaatelaastari Helsinki Priden kumppaniksi – teemme yhdessä näkyväksi sateenkaaren kaikkia värejä

FabPatch Becomes Partner of Helsinki Pride – Together We Make All Colors of the Rainbow Visible 

Hey there, fabulous folks! We’re thrilled to announce that FabPatch Ltd. is now a proud partner of Helsinki Pride, Finland's largest human rights event. We’re not just showing up; we’re standing up for sexual equality and working to promote inclusivity and non-discrimination. After all, there’s a place for everyone under our rainbow! 

As a Small Business Partner, we’re supporting the event financially and sprinkling a little magic with our product donations. Because who said supporting equality couldn’t be colorful and fun? 

Introducing the Pride FabPatch™ – Because Love is All About Fixing What You Cherish 

Drumroll, please! Our new Pride FabPatch™ is here, and it’s bursting with colorful hearts!  

Designed in collaboration with Helsinki Pride, these patches are perfect for mending clothes and accessories with a splash of love. They’re available for a limited time at Helsinki Pride online store and our online store. Whether you need to fix a summer dress that’s seen one too many beach days or a pair of stretchy pants you just can’t part with, we’ve got you covered. Literally.  

Each package includes two heart-shaped patches (7 x 6 cm) and one smaller heart-shaped patch (5 x 4.5 cm). Patching has never been this easy, fun, and fabulously colorful! 

Quick Fixes for Fabulous Marches 

Flashback to the roots of international Pride movement: It all started in the 1969 U.S. riots, where brave individuals stood up against injustice. Fast forward to Finland in the 1970s, where Seta ry's Liberation Days brought the fight for equality to the Parliament House. And here's a little tale for you: At the 2014 Sydney Mardi Gras parade, a drag artist’s spectacular costume faced a wardrobe malfunction. Thanks to the quick help from fellow participants, the show went on! At Helsinki Pride, we’re keeping that spirit alive with our quick-fix FabPatch™ patches. 

Celebrating Diversity and Community 

“There’s a place for everyone! Our partnership with Helsinki Pride celebrates community and collaboration. We are proud to be part of this important movement and hope that the Pride FabPatch™ brings joy and benefit to all its users,” We couldn’t agree more with our CEO, Taija Sailio. Our partnership with Helsinki Pride isn’t just about support; it’s about celebrating community and collaboration. We hope the Pride FabPatch™ brings joy and utility to all its users. 

Join us in celebrating Helsinki Pride Month throughout June 2024, culminating in the parade and park celebration on June 29th, 2024. Let’s make this the most colorful and inclusive Pride yet! 

Discover the Pride FabPatch™ product here. Let’s patch up the world together, one heart at a time!