FabPatch Oy ja SISKO Ltd. tekevät korjausbisnestä kahdella mantereella

FabPatch Ltd. and SISKO Ltd. announces Repair Business co-operation between Finland and Australia


While traveling in Finland in 2022, and needing to repair a wear in pants, Australian Sophie discovered FabPatch™, the perfect solution to repairing textiles on the go. With FabPatch™ having exceeded her expectations under the rigors of travel and constant wear, Sophie showed her sister and best friend Megan Dyring her exciting discovery.

"With us both having a pile of damaged clothes we were unable to part with, Fabpatch™ was the answer to our woes, a viable and easy quality repair solution, we got online to buy more patches only to find they were not available in Australia. This was when an idea was born, we would contact the company in Finland and bring the product to Australia. " tells Sophie.

FabPatch™ was innovated in Finland in 2017 by two mothers, childhood friends Anne Jurvelin-Pummila and Jetta Liukkonen. They wanted to find a solution for the same problem as Sophie and Megan. The closet was full of clothes with tears, and there was no stylish and easy way to repair them. In Finland the innovation is called FabPatch™ Vaatelaastari®, and today there is already over 1,5 million FabPatch™ patches  sold. The company has won over 10 prizes, for example Design Deed of the Year and Sustainability Deed of the Year 2022.

Neither the Ladies in Finland or Australia had experience in retail, but we were passionate and believed deeply in the need of the new repair product, it fueled the desire to do something. Sophie and Megan knew there were many other Australians who wanted to extend the life of their clothes and textiles, who didn’t have specific mending skills and just needed an easy and practical way to do it, while also getting sustainability feel goods.

Sisko was born in 2023 to bring FabPatch™ to the southern hemisphere. Sisko are importers and Sales Agents of FabPatch™ in Australia. The mission is to make FabPatch™ relevant to our society through partnering with Australian designers and artists who love to illustrate the beauty and breath of Australia. The first range showcases the art of Jocelyn Proust and First Nations artist Charmaine Brown.

Sophie and Megan said, that "From the first unsolicited email and trip to Oulu to pitch our Australian ideas, we've been embraced and nurtured by the whole Finnish team. We have loved building a collaborative working relationship with Taija, Anne, Jetta and the new Head of International Business and Sales Karri Jalkanen, based around our shared values of integrity, honesty, authenticity and sustainability. Their openness and generosity have made this an exciting and enjoyable experience and we have felt supported every step of the way. We are looking forward to many years of partnering with the team to make FabPatch™ a global success. "

The CEO, and one of the founders of FabPatch Ltd. Taija said that the Finnish FabPatch team is honoured to start working together with Megan and Sophie of SISKO. The team has been astonished how much information they had gathered about the sustainable consumption and repair in Australia. It was easy to start co-operation with such enthusiastic and professional ladies.

The international co-operation in repair business is fruitful in many ways. Little FabPatch™ has a big influence. For example, by extending the lifespan of 1,000 jackets with FabPatch™, approximately 6,000 kilograms of natural resources are saved, and around 4,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided.

Pattern in the picture: Banksia/Jocelyn Proust

More information about FabPatch™ in Australia: fabpatch.au