X FabPatch™ brand collaborations

Own FabPatch™ for woolen garments, workwear, down jackets and sports clothing. Great designs, fundraising products and much more! Together with our partners, we have created various FabPatch™ products for various repair needs. Collaboration products are available from our partners' selections.

Ateneum x FabPatch™

Beloved art classics now in the museum shop selection!

Eurokangas x FabPatch™

Little My and Stinky embark on adventures in flexible and versatile FabPatch™ products. Limited edition available exclusively at Eurokangas!

Image Wear x FabPatch™

Designed for hard use, the HiVis-colored FabPatch™ products give longer life to workwear.

Joutsen x FabPatch™

The FabPatch™ designed for Joutsen down jackets is made in Finland from Joutsens own down jacket fabric.

Joutsen x Vaatelaastari® kevytuntuvatakeille

Paketti sisältää kaksi heijastavaa ja kolme Joutsenen omasta kevytuntuvatakkikankaasta valmistettua paikkaa.

Jonathan x FabPatch™

A great collaboration with Jesper & Junior chain got a new look with FabPatch™ products customized for the Jonathan brand. The familiar bear characters from Jonathan's collection will be adventuring in flexible and versatile FabPatch™ products! Available in Jesper & Junior stores.

Kaiko x FabPatch™

The beloved Copper Bambi is now available as FabPatch™! Made of soft and flexible recycled polyester.

Keli Clothing x FabPatch™

Made from Keli's dream-soft, mulesling-free merino wool, Merinowool FabPatch™ products extend the life of Keli Clothing and other merino wool products in no time!

Luontokauppa x FabPatch™

Luontokauppa's FabPatch™ products remind us of the importance of protecting nature and of small actions. The package contains 2 FabPatch™ with Under the Surface designs and 2 silver reflective FabPatch™.

Metsola x FabPatch™

In collaboration with Metsola, the Metsola x FabPatches were created with beloved Bunny and Fox patterns. Both packages include four patches made from recycled polyester, featuring two black patches and two with Metsola's own patterns. The products are available from Metsola's selection.

Népra x FabPatch™

The frog of the ethical sportswear brand Népra goes on an adventure in the Népra FabPatch™ products made from recycled polyester, reminding us that even the life of sportswear can be extended by repairing it! The package contains 2 patterned and 2 black FabPatch™ patches.

Ommellinen x FabPatch™

The intricate vine embroidery and the popular Babushka Roses pattern delight in Ommellinen's own FabPatch™ products.

Pisa Design AitoShop x FabPatch™

As a tribute customized for Kalajoki, the Authentic Kalajoki FabPatch™ encapsulates beach vibes and the pattern expertise of Pisa Design.

Ruskovilla x FabPatch™

Silk-wool Ruskovilla FabPatch™ patches effortlessly extend the lifespan of Ruskovilla's soft and warm silk-wool garments. Available in both natural white and black options.

Tuetiimiä.fi x FabPatch™

Did you know FabPatch™ products are also suitable for fundraising? Customized Tuetiimiä x FabPatch™ products for class and team fundraising are now available through the Tuetiimia.fi service.

Särmä x FabPatch™

When your favorite gear starts showing wear or, worse, gets a hole, you might not want something new, but the damage is disheartening. With Särmä FabPatch™ products, you can handle the situation quickly and neatly wherever and whenever.

Wahlsten Easy Rugrepair x FabPatch™

FabPatch™ products are suitable for horse blankets as well! Developed in collaboration with equestrian professionals, the innovative product, Wahlsten Easy Rug Repair by FabPatch™, is designed for repairing horse blankets. It is available from various retailers - for more information, inquire at verkkokauppa@veljwahlsten.com.

Pyhä x FabPatch™

Fix your ski gear in a minute by rubbing with these FabPatch™ patches from Pyhästore! The package includes three patches made from stretchy recycled polyester. The product is available from Pyhästore's selection.

Ruka x FabPatch™

Extend the life of your skiing clothes with Ruka X FabPatch™! The package includes three stretchy and soft patches, two of which feature Ruka-themed patterns. The product is available from RukaStore.

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