FabPatch™ is a genuine everyday eco-act

Sustainability is one of our most important values and the circular economy is the core of our entire operation. We have the opportunity to build the kind of future we want to live in. We want to promote a society in accordance with nature's carrying capacity, where everyone has an equal position and the opportunity to influence. From the beginning, our business has been built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and we commit ourselves to operate this way in the future as well. We want to offer everyone an easy and tangible way to participate in more sustainable consumption and the circular economy.

FabPatch™ is a genuine everyday eco-act. With FabPatch™, the product can be kept in use for as long as possible and thus reduces unnecessary consumption and the generation of textile waste. The innovative patching product promotes a modern and responsible repair culture, with its easy attachment method, responsible production, and high quality. Using FabPatch™ easily increases the usage time of clothing, equipment, and many textile-based products, and thus reduces unnecessary consumption. At the same time, it also reduces the emissions caused by new production and the loss of biodiversity caused by the production of raw materials. FabPatch™ can be considered a carbon footprint product that allows the user of the product to reduce their own carbon footprint. The size of the carbon footprint is determined according to the properties and usage of the textile to be repaired.

As a company, we are committed to the UN's sustainable development goals. In accordance with goal 12, we aim to secure the sustainability of production and consumption methods. With our products and communications, such as our #paikkaushaaste campaign, we promote the extension of the usage time of textiles, we encourage repair and reduce the amount of textile waste. We are committed to the ILO Code of Conduct, and we also require it from our partners and our production chain.

In our own production and operations, in accordance with our strategy, we examine our choices through the steps of sustainability. For us, the steps of sustainability mean that we are constantly working towards sustainability and ecology, and we always strive to move towards solutions in line with more sustainable development. We have published our first sustainability report. In our sustainability report, we want to tell you about the most relevant and thus most impactful responsibility acts in our business. You can read more about our product design, production, and operating methods in the report.

If you have any questions or comments about our sustainability report and our sustainability practices, please contact,

Natalie Ahonen
Sustainability Coordinator FabPatch Oy
+358 400 991 006