Design Deed of the Year 2022!

FabPatch Oy was awarded the Design Work of the Year 2022 award. Thank you for the recognition! The Designteko of the Year recognition is awarded to a Finnish company whose business design plays a significant role. Other award criteria include responsibility, functionality in everyday life and originality.

- Good design often solves the problem effortlessly, even rewardingly. Design Deed of the Year recognition is proof for us that FabPatch has succeeded in making repair not only easy but also a joy. We are grateful for the attention, which encourages us even more to use design as a catalyst for responsible actions, says FabPatch Oy CEO Taija Sailio.

The Sustainability Act of the Year 2022

We won the Sustainability Act of the Year 2022 competition with an open public vote! Our act of responsibility was: FabPatch™ - RepairRevolution.

There is much more in the field of Circular economy of textiles and fashion than recycling and reusing materials. From an environmental point of view, the most important thing is to enable products to be used for their original purpose for as long as possible. By making repairing textiles really easy, attractive and affordable, we can significantly increase the lifespan of textile products and reduce their negative climate effects", says Jetta Liukkonen from FabPatch Ltd.

Fashion Circular Economy Award

The comprehensive well-being event at the I love me fair last year awarded fashion's circular economy operators for the first time.

In the Life-cycle extender category, an operator who has extended the life-cycle of textiles was sought. FabPatch was chosen as the winner of the category.

FabPatchis an exceptionally good idea. FabPatch makes the circular economy easy for everyone. It is affordable, readily available; can be purchased at a local market and does not require special skills to use. FabPatch gives everyone the opportunity to extend the life of a garment without requiring a new way of thinking or operating. FabPatchis a completely new territorial takeover", said the jury about their reasons.

Entrepreneur Of The Year, Valtakunnallinen kilpailija 2023, Jetta Liukkonen

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