Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
The most wonderful set: MUITA IHANIA, MUISTI, RYTMI

The most wonderful set: MUITA IHANIA, MUISTI, RYTMI

Contains three products

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The most wonderful set contains beautiful colors and delicious shapes - also includes the popular Muita ihania x FabPatch™!

The products in the set extend the life of colorful pattern lovers' clothes and accessories. They are also great for decorating or customizing textiles. The FabPatch™ patches included in the set are made of multi-use recycled polyester, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor clothing and gear.

All FabPatch™ products are attached easily by rubbing - anywhere and anytime.

The lovely set contains three popular FabPatch™ textile patch products:

  • MUITA IHANIA X VAATELAASTARI is a playful ensemble designed by Tiina Arponen, known from television and her Muita ihania blog. Pattern "In shallow water" takes your thoughts to both exotic corals and the world of nearby lakes.
  • MUISTI package contains the Flowergarden pattern, designed by Susanna Nousiainen, which glows with the beauty of flowers 
  • RYTMI The designer of the Small Worlds pattern is Laura Ikonen, who was inspired by the world of toys hidden under beds and sofas.

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