FABPATCH Textile Repair Kit
FABPATCH Textile Repair Kit

FABPATCH Textile Repair Kit

6 pcs/package

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Color: black

The product is a novelty for March 2024 and is currently available in limited quantities exclusively from vaatelaastari.fi online store.

FabPatch™ Textile repair kit is the perfect choice for travel and adventure. With the kit's rub on patches, you can repair clothes and gear versatilely, even on the spot!

The Textile repair kit includes a collection of black FabPatch™ patches in various materials.

EXTREME: For rough conditions, made from high-quality outdoor fabric. Easily repair outerwear and shoes!

STRETCH: Flexible and versatile patch for all everyday adventures. Made from recycled polyester.

MERINO: Patches made from high-quality merino knit, suitable for merino wool base layers and sportswear, for example.

The package includes 6 Fabpatch™ patches:
2 pcs oval EXTREME 10 x 8 cm
2 pcs STRETCH 7 cm
2 pcs round MERINO 3.5 cm.