Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
Black and white set: PINTA, RAITA, LAKU

Black and white set: PINTA, RAITA, LAKU

Contains three products

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The products in the Black and white set set extend the lifespan of clothes and accessories for those who love graphic patterns. Patches made from recycled polyester are not only suitable for repairs but also great for decorating or customizing textiles.

All FabPatch™ products easily attach by rubbing - anywhere and anytime. It's also worth packing these compact patches for your activities, as you can repair on the spot!

The black and white set includes three popular FabPatch™ products:

  • The PINTA package features the "Tikki" pattern designed by Sanna Kallio. The pattern can be seen as a path from darning to sashiko.
  • The RAITA package includes black and black-and-white-striped patches, beloved by Finns.
  • LAKU is a real treat! The stylish and playful "Licorice" pattern is designed by Ulla Lapiolahti.

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