Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
Vaatelaastari FabPatch vaatepaikka
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All black set: 2 x YÖNMUSTA, EXTREME

Contains three products

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The all-black set of textile patches gives a new life to clothes and gear preferred by those who favor inconspicuous patching. Patch, cover, or decorate without the need for ironing or sewing!

All FabPatch™ products attach easily by rubbing - anywhere and anytime. Patches that fit into a small space are also worth packing for various activities, as you can even repair them right on the spot."

The All black set contains three popular FabPatch™ products:

  • 2 X YÖNMUSTA,  package, one package contains five flexible black FabPatch™ patches made of recycled polyester. Yönmusta is the true all-purpose patch! With these, you can easily repair both flexible innerwear and outerwear, such as down jackets.
  • EXTREME is Yönmusta's stronger cousin! Particularly suitable for heavy wear or moisture-prone areas, such as repairing backpacks and hiking boots.

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