The Joutsen FabPatch™ patch for down coats has been well-received by customers

One of the forerunners in innovative circular economy of textile industry is Joutsen Finland. The company has been adding custom made textile repair patches to their business for a couple of years:

“The light down coats are ideal for various winter activities as they are light, breathable and comfortable to move in. Joutsen down coats are also durable and long-lasting. However, an accident can happen to your go-to coat. Luckily, Joutsen down coats are designed to be repaired, and we offer a repair service for all Joutsen down products in Finland.

A few years ago, we collaborated with FabPatch Ltd, a Finnish company, to develop an easy and discreet solution for repairing small holes and wear from our down coat fabric. This led to the creation of the Joutsen FabPatch™ patch for down coats.

The Joutsen FabPatch™ patch for down coats has been well-received by our customers as it extends the service life of their coats. As a result, we have now introduced a patch package made of our light down coat fabric. Our customers have also learned to keep FabPatch™ patches ready in case of any damage as they can conveniently patch not only Joutsen coats but also many other things.”

Joutsen is one of the forerunning brands offering their customers custom made FabPatch™ products. - Find out about the other brand collaborations.

Why to choose custom made Textile FabPatch™ patches for your business?

  • Sustainability and Circular Economy: With the growing emphasis on sustainability and circular economy, custom made textile repair offer a concrete solution to prolong the lifecycle of the loved textile based products.
  • Brand Alignment: Using brand-supplied materials ensures that the patches are perfectly aligned with the brand’s existing product lines and material standards, maintaining consistency across collections.
  • Versatility and Application: The beauty of custom textile patches lies in their versatility. They can be applied to a wide range of products, from jackets and bags to hats and jeans, giving brands the flexibility to innovate across the product lines.
  • Unique Textures and Qualities: Brand-supplied materials can introduce unique textures and qualities to the patches, offering a level of customization and differentiation that is difficult to achieve with standard materials.
  • Marketing and Promotional Tool: Beyond their usefulness and branding value, custom made textile repair patches can serve as powerful marketing tool.

FabPatch Ltd.

FabPatch Ltd's journey began with two inventive mothers who encountered the daily challenge of textile repair. Fueled by their ingenuity, they created and trademarked the FabPatch™—a distinctive, fast, and highly customizable patch that adheres with a simple rub. This innovative approach to textile repair not only captured the imagination of many but also earned the company prestigious accolades in Finland, including the Sustainability Deed of the Year and Design Deed of the Year in 2022.

To date, FabPatch Ltd. has celebrated the milestone of selling over 1.5 million patches and has established partnerships with dozens of brands. Their efforts have significantly contributed to reducing textile waste, saving a vast amount of fabric from ending up in landfills. FabPatch Ltd. stands as a testament to how innovative solutions can address everyday problems while promoting sustainability and design excellence.

Match the FabPatch™ with your brand & material?

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