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It's time for a patching revolution!

We have launched the new FabRebels ambassador program, aimed at inspiring people to repair their clothes and reduce environmental harm by extending the lifespan of clothing and gear. Together with our ambassadors, we want to spread the good news of the #repairrevolution and the #patchingchallenge campaign. The first new ambassador to start is the incredible free skier from Rovaniemi, Antti Autti!"


FabRebel Antti Autti

FabRebel Antti Autti

Hello, I'm Antti from Rovaniemi. I've been a professional snowboarder since 2001. During my successful competitive career, I won two world championships and became the first European to win the Winter X-games superpipe competition. In 2010, I did something many considered unusual. While still at the top, I decided to quit competing and shift my focus to free skiing. For me, snowboarding has always been a lifestyle through which I find a connection with nature and freedom, where only imagination is the limit. When I was competing, I started to lose that original connection that initially drew me to the sport. During my freeride career, I've focused on producing inspiring film and video projects that have gained million-level visibility worldwide. Besides video projects, I specialize in creating production and program services related to freeriding. Through my actions, I want to highlight the different possibilities of responsible outdoor activities and encourage people to try new things in their lives.

Through my success in snowboarding, I've reached a privileged position where I get to use the latest products annually and test them in extreme conditions. However, my philosophy is that every piece of clothing I use should last me for the rest of my life. Sometimes, though, these clothes break due to wear and tear, which is not surprising since I actively spend time in nature nearly every day throughout the year. When a garment breaks, I prefer to repair it rather than replace it. This is partly because I carefully choose the clothes I wear, and the longer I use a particular garment, the more attached to it I become. Repaired clothes contain stories and memories of moments spent outdoors pursuing my passion.

These thoughts and values led me to seek a partner who could enable a longer lifespan for my clothes, so I'm really excited to start collaborating with FabPatch! FabPatch is easy to use and offers quick first aid for clothing when wear or damage occurs. It's also a very neat way to patch gear and supports durable values – everything that I strive for in my own life!
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